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About me

Personal Trainer & Results Creator!

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Mendez has 3 years of exercise science education, has a diploma from equinox fitness academy, a Diploma in Psychology, and he has partaken in over 30 health & fitness work shops lead by the top fitness leaders in the industry. Mendez holds 2 National Certifications & 13 speciality certifications. He has been a fitness professional for over 10+ years coaching & training over hundreds of individuals: from general population, to disabled individuals, post rehab, pre & post natal, celebrities, and elite athletes. Mendez also specializes in loaded and unloaded movement training, and different untraditional styles of training. He has worked with multiple big box gyms including “Equinox” and had ran his own gym known as MSP Athletics. He currently serves as a top athlete / trainer for PUMA & ONNIT two of the biggest brands in the lifestyle & fitness industry. He has a huge passion for changing peoples lives in a positive way! He’s a huge believer in movement is medicine and how moving properly on daily basis will change you. He’s all about movement of the MIND, the BODY, and the SOUL. He has a unique style of training which includes a lot of unconventional style training, bodyweight training, getting people to move as much as possible, corrective training and posture correction. Mendez is a huge fitness influencer through the social media world and uses his platform to connect, network, collaborate, and work with other influencers in his field to create an impact in the community. He also curates and hosts multiple health & fitness events in the Miami, West palm beach, and Ft. Lauderdale areas. Mendez fitness has also worked with and appeared on other platforms / Press / News Letters / Podcasts/ Magazines like: Puma, Onnit, Thrive Global, StayFit305, Miami Vibes Mag, Mia Under 40, Voyage Mia, Disrupt Digital, Digital Journal, Future Sharks, Market Watch, Live Journal, E Trending News Now, WBOC, SNNTV, RFDTV, ABC7, 1170KFAQ, NBC29, The CW Sandiego, FOX34, Big Country 995,


My playbook is here to help you take your body & mind to the next level! I strive to help as many people as possible to become optimal athletes playing the game of life! Life is our arena and we must perform in it everyday! Through my programs: You will develop the mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength to perform at high levels! You will experience your body healing itself from pains or discomforts that you might have! You will also feel an increase in endurance & energy!

Training Requirements

1. Bodyweight Training 2. Kettlebell Training 3. ViPR Training 4. Animal Flow Training 5. Steel Mace Training 6. Battle Rope Training 7. Circuit Training 8. HITT Training 9. Full Body Training 10. Training to enhance: Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, & Strength Many programs will require just your own body! Some programs may require tools like: 1. Kettlebells 2. Steel Mace 3. ViPR 4. Battle Ropes Receive a discount for fitness tools & supplements: http://onnit.com/mendezfitness


Fitness Professional for 10+ years! College: -Exercise Science Diploma: -New York Equinox Academy National Certifications: -AAAI/ISMA -NCSF Speciality Certifications: -Tap or Snap Strength & Conditioning Fighter Coach - Pre/Post Natal - Animal Flow - Kettle-bell Lvl. 1 & 2 - Vipr - FMS Lvl. 1 & 2 - Trigger Point - Precision Nutrition - Human Movement Optimization - Onnit Barbell Specialist - Enter The Flow Certified: -CPR & AED

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