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Follow my workouts
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🥇Body Transformer-HIIT Coach🥊-

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Hey what’s up everybody , my name is Anthony . I have always been a athlete from a youth , always involved in Baseball ⚾️ Football 🏈 Basketball 🏀 Boxing 🥊 . For me sports were always a way to showcase how strong my desire was to do something . Sometimes as a youth I remember practicing for hours on end without a coach . That’s when I realized the most important person is YOU ❤️. You don’t need someone over your shoulder to watch you and instruct you , rather let’s have someone that inspires you to want more from where you are and do more in life to be the BEST 🥇 version of yourself you can be . That’s what Evolution X Fitness is all about is “Evolving into the best YOU can be “ . EvolutionXFitness training is designed to burn the most FAT 🔥🔥 , have your body looking like that of a Greek God ( or Goddess) , build a powerful 💥 💥 C O R E , and most of all your cardio endurance performance will never be this STRONG 💪💪. The best part is still yet to be spoken , these workouts can be done at home , at work , at the gym , at the park , or at the beach wherever, whenever . If you think your up for the challenge then try EvolutionXFitness and EVOLVE with us .. This program is not for the weak hearted it is a difficult program , designed to produce sheer RAW RESULTS . You will never be in EvolutionXFitness Shape anywhere else and today for a $1 you can try it exclusively in the palm of your hand . Let’s EVOLVE 💯💯💥 Be sure to @evolutionxfitness to have a chance to be featured in our story line , let your friends know you made the decision to EVOLVE ❗️❕❗️


💥E V O L V E - Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Intellectually, Socially 💯💯

Training Requirements

Our training 🏆🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤾‍♀️ 🥊can be done anywhere at anytime its all about Evolving 💥 you have to want it ❕❗️. Let’s evolve 💪💪


Certified PT Certified Body Sculptor Certified Holistic Nutritionist Positive Thinker 😎

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