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Angela KukhahnAngela Kukhahn

Press Handstand Drills

4.6|15Β min|4 comments
For those who want to work make their press stronger and those who are trying to get a press! You will need a pair of socks or two blankets, a wall and a slippery floor. What you can expect: Specific corework, compression dri...Β more


Katya β€’ 2y ago
Great class! Thank you so much! The pace the explanations! πŸ‘Very challenging for me as I lack the forward fold flexibility πŸ™ˆ Could you please advice on which class to take to work on pike and straddle flexibility?
Sayeed β€’ 4y ago
Hard. I have no compression ability.
Debra β€’ 4y ago
I actually got my feet to come off the ground out to the sides a little for the first time ever!
Alexandra β€’ 5y ago
I did not think it was possible to get my legs up but I did!!! For the first time ever!!! Thank you for this!!!!!

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