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Play with Balance in Handstand

4.8|15 min|4 comments
Find Balance - Handstand play at the wall to help you find moments of “float” and weightlessness. We will work core, handstand holds, balance as well as open the shoulders and stretch the wrists! You will need a wall for this... more


Melissa 2y ago
Ody 3y ago
Quite enlightening
Diede 3y ago
Hi Angela, I really like your channel! You have a lot of inspiring content. I was wondering if you would make a handstand video for complete dummies? I’ll like to learn how to get the right balance in my body while standing. I feel it very uncomfortable to get my feet up. Is there any tricks or tools to get more comfortable? I got my husband to hold my feet, while I was panicking and screaming 😅😂
Ruth 4y ago
My favorite one! Works well and it’s an amazing tutorial! Thank you Angela. I feel like I’m making progress. Xo

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