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10 Minute Tuck Handstand Practice

4.3|10Β min|4 comments
Only got 10 minutes to get your handstand practice in? No problem! We will tackle wrist warmups & strengthening, core work, balance, jumping up and holding the shape all in 10 minutes! Enjoy!


jaja β€’ 2y ago
How can you get your hips up of your hands like? that I am struggling
Karelle β€’ 3y ago
Short and sweet but good practice - shall I try further away from wall to work on my balance as I touch the wall each time I kick up ? πŸ’•
Najla β€’ 4y ago
When hopping with both legs i can’t get to lift up to the wall, although i can easily get into handstand when jumping with one leg at a time. Can you advise please.
Ruth β€’ 4y ago
I didn’t have an end table. I’m in a small gym in the middle of Boston

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