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Workout of the week #8 (DB/KB)

5.0|35 min
Abs & Core
Upper Body
Lower Body
Full Body
All Levels
This workout can be done anywhere you have some space to move your body. All you need is a dumbbell or a kettlebell, and a foam roller (can be done w/o foam roller). It is a full body focused workout. Do this workout in a circuit. So complete one round of each exercise and repeat three more times for a total of four rounds. Take minimal rest in between exercises and 60 seconds rest after each round. Start with the warmup: 2 minutes of walkout to worlds greatest stretch Circuit: 1. Bearcrawl pass through w/ kickback (12 reps) 2. Single arm press on FR w/ March (12 reps/side) 3. Back extensions w/ Y’s and T’s (8 reps) 4. Reverse lunge w/ overhead press (12 reps/side) Let’s go!!

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