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Workout of the Week #11 (KB)

5.0|45 min
Abs & Core
Upper Body
Lower Body
Full Body
All Levels
This is a full body workout using kettlebells. This workout can be scaled to your skill level using appropriate weights and performing the proper amount of rounds. Beginners- 3 rounds Intermediate- 4 rounds Advance- 5 rounds The workout: Start with the Protean warmup to get your body mobile. Next move into the circuit: Circuit: take minimal rest in between exercises and 60 seconds after each round. 1. SA bottoms up KB press on foam roller (elevate opposite leg) (12 rep/side) 2. KB heel elevated goblet squat (12 reps) 3. KB gorilla rows (24 reps, 12/side) 4. Half kneeling KB press + half windmill (8 reps/side) 5. KB Kickstand suitcase Deadlifts (12 reps/side) Your feedback is crucial for us to continue giving you the workouts you’re wanting. Please let us know what you think! 💪🏼💪🏼

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