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Coach Andy GallagherCoach Andy Gallagher
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Lower body workout [KB]

5.0|60 min
Lower body kettlebell workout grouped into 4 sections. 1. Start with some movement prep, 2 rounds of each exercise 2. Begin strength portion with group A superset for 4 rounds. 3. Next do group B superset for 4 rounds 4. Finish with a calf burnout for 2 rounds Enjoy!👍 *Dumbbells can be used in place KBs if needed * If you don’t have the right bands for the warmup, just perform exercises without bands *make sure to keep core engagement on every exercise * move slow and controlled on each movement Your feedback is invaluable- tell us what you love, what you’d tweak and what you’re craving more of! Your input helps us make the Protean Fitness App the best it can be!

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