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Dumbbell Push strength workout

5.0|60 min
Upper Body
All Levels
This is a DB strength workout focused on pressing movements. Start with the foam roller press and complete all 5 sets. Increase your weight as needed, so the last set you’re barely getting 12 reps or only getting 8-10 reps. Next move to the Arnold presses following the same format as the first exercise. Finish the workout with a tough push circuit! Complete one round of each exercise before starting your 2nd set. This is an intermediate to advanced workout. But beginners should give it a try and scale your reps and sets to your level Let’s go!!💪🏼🤙🏼 Your feedback is invaluable- tell us what you love, what you’d tweak and what you’re craving more of! Your input helps us make the Protean Fitness App the best it can be!

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