6 Week Personalized

6 Week Personalized

Macro Based Meal Plans

All meal plans will have 5-6 small meals. Everything will be easy to prep.

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About the program

You will need a food scale to measure everything as it will all be very precise. All meal plans are created by myself for each individuals goals and needs. These plans are to be followed for those weeks until it is time to update. It is NOT a new plan every single day. You will have access to me for all questions throughout the days and weeks. I do my very best to make sure you enjoy what you eat. I do so by making sure I keep things you enjoy eating in your plan. I send out a questionnaire and I create your plan based off of you, just for you. It is up to you to email me when it is your time to get your two week update. I need updated weights and anything that might have changed. I have hundreds of clients and so this helps me keep track. Every week I want a check in and progress updates.
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