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4 Week Body Blast Challenge


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About the program

The 4-week Body Blast challenge is a high-intensity fitness program designed to help you increase strength, improve endurance, and tone your muscles in just 4 weeks. The workouts include a combination of cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises to target different muscle groups and help you achi... Read more

    Glowing 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Customers

    I love leg days! Your workouts absolutely obliterate me but I'm seeing so much progress! Thank you!!!
    Almost forgot how great it feels to workout! Today's workout kicked my butt, but it making me excited for my journey again!
    Amazing! Such a burn! Nice and simple which I love. Been struggling to do a workout lately but this helped soooo much.
    A refreshing change and a good challenge. A great workout, as always!

    🏆 What you can win

    • 🥇$100 Gift Card
    • 🥈1 Month Meal Plan
    • 🥉 1 Month APP access

    🥇 How to win

    There are only 3 simple steps to win this Challenge!
    • Be active, support, and participate regularly in the community.
    • Complete the weekly scheduled workouts and leave a comment in the app when it's complete.
    • Submit before/after at the end of challenge and what habits you've gained.

    ✍️ How to enter

    Purchase the challenge on this page and then head to the link below to subscribe. After subscribing download the app to access the workouts. Please upload a before photo at the start (no later than Sun March 10th) and an after photo when the challenge ends (no later than Sun April 7th) to show the growth!
    • Sign up for challenge (on this page)
    • Subscribe to my app (link below)
    • Submit photos (link below)

    🔗 Links 🔗

    link to subscribe ⬇️ https://join.amfit.app ... Read more

    Frequently asked questions

    Who are these workouts for (skill-level)?
    * The workouts are designed for all levels * Beginners: go slow, use less weight, use longer rest periods, and focus on form * Advanced: increase weight, reps and reduce rest time as you progress
    What’s the schedule?
    * There will be 4 workouts a week. *You can do these 4 workouts on any days of the week that work for your schedule, just don't miss!
    What are the goals of this challenge?
    * Increase overall lean muscle mass * Get lean and burn fat * Build core strength
    How can I ask you questions?
    Message me in the app for any questions you have. I do my best to review all comments and make any recommended changes. I want to see your progress! I would also love to see your progress pictures and videos. Tag me on Instagram @ak.mcclellan @join.amfit.app Feel free to shoot me a DM on IG. I would love to showcase your progress to our community.
    Are there any modifications for the exercises?
    * Yes! I’ve included modifications in the descriptions for each exercise. If you need further assistance modifying any workouts, send me a message in the app and I’ll be happy to help!

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