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Alice (Pineapplebrat) KlompAlice (Pineapplebrat) Klomp
/6 Week Challenge

Day 20 - Chest/triceps/abs

4.9|45 min|9 comments
Chest/triceps/abs - Chest press machine 3 sets 12 reps - Chest fly machine 3 sets 12 reps... more


Elizabeth 15d ago
My arms are so weak I couldn’t lift myself off the ground 😂
Avery 3mo ago
That hollow hold tho💀 great workout. I’m finally learning how to build my upper body. Thank you!
Kali 4mo ago
Arms don’t feel as bad right after like legs, but I’m always sore. Thanks for putting in the work for us! It’s been nice having a set workout and not questioning if I’m done for the day or what I will do in general. 🥳🥳😘
Leah 4mo ago
I either upped my weight or did slow reps for everything and I need a nap 😂 saved the push ups for last and they were so shaky. Awesome workout!
Angel 4mo ago
The hollow hold is getting easier but still kicks my butt. 😅

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