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Day 3 - Free Your Heart

5.0|55 min|4 comments
Welcome to Free Your Heart! This class will progress into more balancing postures/transitions that will give you the strength & stability to move into backbends with grace & fluidity. ... more


Jeff 2y ago
Nothing! You’re perfect. You can stay on your hands and knees for minutes on end and still move slowly and softly back into position with ease. Weeks and months I’ve been at this, and I still collapse from pain not once, not twice but many times and I can’t move my body slowly back into position to save my life. I know you mean well and you say everyone moves at their own pace, but I just end up feeling like a failure. My body might as well be saying to me “I can’t give you what you want no matter how hard/much you try!” I think I’m broken. 😞😔
Ricardo 2y ago
Another awesome class! Released some tension in my body and mind. Was actually able to get playful and have some fun which is hard for me! So thank you! Looking forward to the next one!
Audrey 2y ago
I feel like I can BREATHE So much more! I’ve done wild thing 100s of times but never like this 😍✨ magical, thank you!
Jeff 2y ago
Session #3 started getting into the harder stretches and positions. Slowly but surely, my body is becoming stronger and more flexible. I also love how the instructor keeps reminding us to go at your own pace, find the position that works for you and even stopped at one point to show some proper wrist stretches (i.e. my wrists were burning; he read my mind 😃). I highly recommend Alex Carnevale and his yoga Playbook app to everyone! 😉🙏🏻

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