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30 min Flow Into Strong - Dumbbells

4.9|30 min|13 comments
Flow Into Strong combines your yoga practice with strength training. Connecting to your breath throughout you’ll learn more about your mind and body in this 30 minutes. We’ll be using a set of dumbbells for Staggered stance D... more


Nicolle 8mo ago
Loved the handstand hops, your story about 7s, and the meditative pose at the end. It felt very protective to me. ✨7️⃣
Lauren 1y ago
Loved this one 🤍
Alex 1y ago
Amazing! I trusted my body and was almost able to do a hand stand.😆
Natalia 1y ago
I remember the first time I did this workout I couldn’t do it with the 10lb weights. Today went well with the 10lb. I have been getting so strong with the workouts. Thanks!
Joanne 1y ago
Love everyday with you ❤️

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