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30 min Flow Into Strong - Bodyweight

4.9|30 min|26 comments
Advanced We’ll be using no equipment in this class and working on some handstand hops into bear sweeps! This class is layered so even if you don’t feel “advanced” there is an option for you as we build!... more


Aubrey 5mo ago
Loved this!!
Alena 8mo ago
Great. I wished it was more optimized for smartphone, though. I had to look at the screen all the time, and it was interfering with exercising. It would be useful if you were saying smth like “3,2,1” before every transition
Ramya 1y ago
Amazing ! Loving it :)
Olivia 1y ago
My absolute favorite class by yours this far! I loved the creativity it had. But also it showed me how strong I was for the advanced movements! More like this please!
Melissa 1y ago
Got my wife to try F into S this am, and she liked it! We hope you keep posting new yoga and flow workouts for those of us that don’t want to go back into studios and gyms right now.

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