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/Flow Into Strong

25 min Flow Into Strong - Kettlebell Flow

4.9|25 min|19 comments
Intermediate The class that blends yoga and strength training seamlessly to create a cohesive and effective workout. Designed for all levels, this calls focuses on moving mindfully, understanding your limits, and then pushi... more


Aubrey 16h ago
One of my favorites for a little leg and arm spice in one go
Lindsay 2mo ago
Awesome. Now a go to staple for me.
Nicolle 8mo ago
Loved the handstand hops; almost able to stay up! 💕💖✨
Jamie 1y ago
Fast and fun🙌🏼
Amanda 1y ago
Loved it. I’ve never done yoga with weights. Dual dimensional practice and balanced out my mental and physical capabilities.

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